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Elizabeth Brunk, Phd

Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Department of Chemistry. Faculty in the Integrated Program for Biological Genome Sciences (iBGS). Member of UNC Lineberger Cancer Center. Affiliated with the Computational Medicine Program.

Christina Gutierrez Ford, Phd

Lab manager and research specialist. Doctoral degree in Pharmacology. Specializes in microbiology and siRNA technologies.

Yue Wang

4rth year Pharmacology graduate student. Working on single cell analyses of triple negative breast cancer to determine phenotypic drug response states.

Jingting Chen

2nd year Biochemistry and Biophysics student. Working on integrating cytogenetics and single cell analyses in cancer cell lines.

Kriti Shukla

1st year Chemistry graduate student. Working on integrating protein structural data with existing gene-activity relationships to further understand the functional effects of mutations.

Seth Tysor

Undergraduate research assistant

Danielle Cannon

Undergraduate research assistant

Kohen Goble

Undergraduate research assistant

Kopal Gupta

Undergraduate research assistant